How to prepare a good breakfast, tips

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Breakfast is the main and most important meal of the day and hasa direct bearing on our performance during the day. A goodbreakfast we guarantee concentration, increased memory capacityand, in general, more efficient performance because it raises levels of blood glucose.

Here are the basis for preparing a good breakfast.

  1. Breakfast should represent 30% of total calories consumedduring the day.
  2. Should include: dairy products, cereals and vegetable proteinsto provide energy to our body.
  3. Dairy: milk glass, Yogurts and cheese.
  4. Cereals: bars, cookies, bread or cereal flakes.
  5. Vegetables: Fruit juices (suggested orange or grapefruit)

Etymology of the word derives from the fact that you do not eatwhile you sleep, so getting up in the morning is fasting, breakingthe fast by eating this food.


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