10 Best Call Recording Apps for 2020

The call recording feature has been used widely for multiple purposes over the years. Initially, it was used for personal phone’s call recording, but in the recent times, it has evolved for the wide range of purposes. Nowadays, it’s been used to keep a check on employees for the sake of businesses’ establishment, and largely in use to spy on kids for the sake of digital parenting.

The call recoding of any target user must be for ethical and lawful purposes. It is recommended for kids, and employees in most of the cases. So, keeping this in mind, this feature can serve the best of the purposes.

Some of the apps serving the said subjecsst are not user-friendly. They sought for permissions for usage, complex installation process and much more.

There are many call recording apps that provide range of features subject to compatibility with OS. We will be discussing the best of the lot so far in terms of usage and compatibility with OS, right now in 2020. The 10 best, top tier call recording apps are discussed below.

1.         TheOneSpy                                                     6.         Spyzie

2.         OgyMogy                                                        7.         TruthSpy

3.         Flexispy                                                           8.         SpyEra

4.         Mobistealth                                                     9.         CocoSpy

5.         Mspy                                                               10.       TrackMyFone


Price: $50/month, $23.33/month (quarterly subscription), $8.25/month (yearly subscription)

TheOneSpy call recorder app found to be the best of the lot by all means and ranked as no. 1. This empowers the end-user to record and listen all the phone calls of the target user in real-time, without any delay. Additionally, it enables the end-user to direct the app to record the phone calls and save them all in the online dashboard, if the end-user not available for real-time monitoring.

One of the salient features of TheOneSpy is to clone the phone screen of the target user while the phone call in is progress, which allows to know the contact who is been communicating with the target user, making it to the true spirit of monitoring.

2. OgyMogy

Price: $15/month, $65/semi-annually, $130/year

OgyMogy cell recording app serves as one of the best apps for call recording purpose. It lets the end user to record and listen to the live calls of the target device alongside other spying features. The call log alongside recording can also be saved to the online web portal for extended monitoring later on. OgyMogy is compatible with almost all the current versions of smartphones’ OS.

3. Flexispy

Price: $29.95/month, $149/year, $349/year (extreme)

Flexispy makes it to the list of best call recording apps because of its performance in the said fixture. It record calls in an efficient manner, that the recorded calls don’t get any interruption when it comes to listening them, in real-time or later. An extended feature to stalk the recorded calls later is also incorporated, which enables the end-user to browse the control panel whenever he/she needs to have a look on the past conversations.

4. Mobistealth

Price: 149.99/year (pro), $179.99/year (pro x)

Mobistealth turns out to be another gem, when we talk about recording the phone calls on a target device. All what an end-user needs is to subscribe the desired bundle, and get a hand at having a close watch on the target device. The app provides a bunch of other spying features, but stands out at call recording. The experience of using Mobistealth will be a treat, while having the primary job done.

5. Mspy

Price: $69.99/month, $39.99/month (quarterly subscription), $16.66/month (yearly subscription)

Mspy is one of the very best in business, when it comes to call recording. Mspy enables to actively record and listen to all calls of the target device with great ease. It furnishes a full hand on extensive monitoring of kids or employees at, or beyond the workplace, serving the businesses and families. Moreover, the calls recorder using Mspy can be saved to online web portal, for later monitoring.

6. Spyzie

Price: $49.99/month (pro), $59.99/month (ultimate), $26.66/month (ultimate – quarterly subscription)

When we talk about call recording, Spyzie cannot be left behind at all. Spyzie furnishes a full hand into call recording of the target device, either for real-time listening or later stalking. It is packed with dozens of other spying features subject to the consent of the end user and subscription. It also earns the end-user with an option to stalk the conversations saved in the online dashboard later.

7. TruthSpy

Price: $21.99/month (standard), $25.99/month (premium), $30.99/month (gold)

TruthSpy has become one of the best in the marketplace in call recording domain in no time. It is designed with the state of the art technology which is user-friendly in all aspects. It is primarily aimed at call recording while having a bunch of other spying features for mobile phones; the recorded call can also be saved in online web portal.

8. SpyEra

Price: $62.99/month (quarterly subscription), $47.99/month (semi-annual subscription), $31.99/month (yearly subscription)

SpyEra’s call recording feature allows the end-user to spy on all the phone calls made, received, dialed or missed. The app is packed with all the features that are sought for monitoring on a target device. Moreover, likewise others, it can save all the recorded call in online web portal for later reference.

9. CocoSpy

Price: $39.99/month (basic), $49.99/month (premium), $69.99/month (family)

CocoSpy makes it to the list of best call recording apps due to efficiency it provides while recording the live calls. CocoSpy combined with call recording, provides so many features which can prove to be productive while monitoring the activities on a target mobile phone. The web-portal functionality, to save the recorded calls is also enabled in this app.

10. TrackMyFone

Price: $25/month, $15/month (quarterly subscription), $5.83/month (yearly subscription)

TrackMyFone can also be used for call recording purpose for a target device. It is compatible with almost all the current versions of smartphones’ OS. The recorded calls can be listened in real-time, alongside saving them to the online web-portal for later reference.

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