10 Tourist Attractions in Ambon and The Most Hits Visited

Ambon City is the largest city in Maluku and has stolen attention because it has exoticism and extraordinary natural beauty. Ambon City is the capital of Maluku Province with a number of well-known tourism spots which is a pity to miss.

It has several interesting tourist spots to delicious culinary delights, so that anyone who comes will be amazed and amazed by its specialties. The following below are tourist destinations in Ambon and its surroundings:

1. Wapawue Mosque

The mosque, which is located inKaitetu, Leihitu, Central Maluku, Maluku Province, is the oldest mosque in Maluku. The Wapawue Mosque, which was built in 1414, is besides a historical place of worship, it is also the first place where the spread of Islam began.

2. Fort Amsterdam Hila

Amsterdam Hila Fort is a historical heritage located in Hila, Leihitu, Central Maluku, Maluku Province. Amsterdam Hila Fort has its own charm where in addition to a sturdy building, it is also a beautiful natural panorama so it is perfect for photo spots.

3. Makariki Cliffs

Makariki cliffs with the nickname ‘Hidden Paradise’ are cliffs located at the foot of Mount Binaia, namely on Seram Island, Laimu Village, Tehoru District, Central Maluku, Maluku Province. This Makariki Cliff has a beautiful natural panorama, cool refreshing with clear water. With the clear water, you can see clearly the sea base

4. City Door Beach

It is a beach with hollow coral resembling a gate, so it is called the City Door Beach. This beach is located inAirlouw Hamlet, Nusaniwe Village, Ambon, Maluku Province, which is the center of attention for many tourists because of the stunning natural panorama of the beach.

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5. Hawang Cave, Little Kei

Hawang Kei Kecil Cave is located inLetvuan Village, Kei Kecil Island, Southeast Maluku, Maluku Province. There is a beautiful natural panorama where the sea water is clear blue, making the heart’s desire to dive in order to get a cool and beautiful spot.

6. Lumoli Waterfall

It is a tourist destination in Ambon which is extraordinarily beautiful. Lumoli Waterfall is located inLumoli Village, West Seram Regency, Maluku Province. This tourist area which has a cool and super magnificent waterfall, also has shady trees and fresh and heavy water flow.

7. Fort Belgica

This tourist destination is a historical heritage located in Banda Neira, Nusantara, Banda, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province. Apart from its strategic location, Fort Belgica presents a very beautiful natural nuance.

8. Ora Beach

Ora Beach is located in Saleman, northwest of Seram, Central Maluku, Maluku Province. The view of the beach is extraordinarily beautiful which is decorated by mountains, clear blue sea, and these trees, adding to the heart’s desire to linger here.

9. Bair Island

Bair Island is a major competitor to the natural beauty of Raja Ampat which is located in West Papua. With its beautiful natural charm, there are stunning views, namely clear waters, impressive mangrove forests, and cool textured rock cliffs. Bair Island is located inTual City, Southeast Maluku, Maluku Province.

10. Hatupia Cliff

This tourist destination is located in Sawai Village, North Seram District, Maluku Province. Hatupia Cliff is a towering cliff with all its exotic nuances. While looking at the beauty of this cliff, there is a diving spot that has beautiful and pleasant underwater views. You can also find exciting water bathing tours.

Ok readers, get here first, Ambon and its surrounding tourist destinations. Hopefully it can be used as a reference for traveling to this place. Don’t forget to stay safe during your trip!

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