3 + 1 Program Allows Houston Community College Students to Transfer Into University of Phoenix

Earning a bachelor’s degree may be a bit easier thanks to a new 3 +1 transfer program announced in August 2020 by University of Phoenix and Houston Community College (HCC). Students enrolled at HCC now have the ability to complete the first three years of their education at the community college before transferring to University of Phoenix to complete their bachelor’s degree.

The move to the new transfer opportunity allows students to finish their degree sooner and more cost effectively. Faster degree completion can help students enter the workforce more quickly, enabling them to save on educational costs while launching their career sooner.

New Transfer Program Opens the Door for Opportunities

The 3 + 1 transfer program allows HCC students to complete as many as 87 credit hours of study at the community college. From there, they can transfer to University of Phoenix to complete the other 33 credits needed to earn their bachelor’s degree. The 3 + 1 program is available to students working to earn a BS in Health Management, a BS in Management, or a BS in Nursing.

These key fields are in high demand. Due to an employee shortage and an aging workforce, employers are looking to hire people with degrees in these fields right away. The transfer program means students may be able to get into these careers faster and eliminate these shortages.

Two Schools with a Similar Focus

Both HCC and University of Phoenix have long histories helping students earn their education in an affordable manner. This effort includes providing flexible learning paths including course scheduling and access to online learning platforms. Overall, the move helps students save time and money while helping shore up key openings, advantages to everyone involved.

Working Together to Meet Student Needs

In a press release announcing the program, University of Phoenix Provost John Woods stated, “Our goal is to address the skills gap in critical fields such as nursing, management, and healthcare, and prepare students for fulfilling careers.” In addition, Zachary Schroeder, a representative from HCC, stated, “Houston Community College’s agreement with University of Phoenix will provide students a smooth transition from an associate to a bachelor’s degree in high-demand fields looking for skilled talent.”

The educational tracks are already in place. HCC students can transfer to University of Phoenix once they meet the eligibility requirements. The University also noted it will waive all fees and tuition for the first course students take at University of Phoenix, a cost savings of $144.00 per course at the time of the release of information. This 5-week course is ideal for learning how to work with data to drive better decision-making in the business sphere. Adding these credentials demonstrates an employee’s drive and potential contribution to their employer, regardless of their current position.

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