5 Best Companies that Hire Remote Software Engineers in USA

What the pandemic of 2020 normalized was something that several companies were already familiar with before. Now while this can mean a lot of things, in this case, we mean companies that hire remote software engineers.

Luckily for software engineers, their work is often of a very flexible nature, i.e. they do not have to be in an office or physically present with their teams to be able to do their work.

In some cases, this may not be the case, but given the efficiency and development of digital tools, companies like TopTal, Gaper, Andela and many others have leveraged the advantages of remote work well enough to turn it into blooming business opportunities.

The following article lists the top five companies that hire remote software professionals in the US to help you aspiring engineers and developers to choose which one may be the best fit for you.


A company that fully embraces the concept of remote work, so much so that it does not choose to have headquarters. Toptal is a global, remote platform that helps bridge the gap between not only software engineers, but also digital designers, finance professionals, and product and project managers.

The company has a very strict criteria when it comes to choosing individuals for their platform. Firstly, applicants are screened for their English language and communication skills, followed by an assessment of their technical prowess through different tests.

Those who make it through these stages are subject to a live screening where experts in their respective fields conduct a live test to further evaluate the applicant.

Because the company aims to hire the top 3% of their applicants, some candidates may end up missing out on making the final cohort for the month. The good thing is that this experience would give them ample information about where they could improve themselves on for future opportunities in a very competitive market.


Gaper is another US-based firm that brings onboard remote software engineers who are then assigned to client teams and projects. Working for Gaper means that developers and engineers will get a first-hand experience of working with other companies in the US.

This business and work model also means that engineers will have work on a long term basis and not have to find new projects once one client’s work is done.

While Gaper also endeavors to select the top talent applying for a position at their firm, they also provide learning and training opportunities through their skill-building programs online.

Gaper also recognizes the importance of soft skills. Therefore, in addition to being good at the technical aspects of their work domain, individuals are expected to be good at teamwork, communication, and time management.


Andela is another US-based company with campuses in three African countries. Their assessment procedure involves an English proficiency test, a coding test, and a technical interview. Engineers are then assigned to a client whose requirements match their respective skills.

This means that you do not have to look around every week finding new work. Your work will be full-time and long-term, unlike gig marketplaces.


Another remote company that hires vetted developers and engineers, Turing uses AI to match professionals with their client companies. The company promises higher salaries for the best skilled engineers. Working with Turing also entails collaborating with US companies where projects can last up to 6 months or more.


Upwork probably needs no introduction. While it is a freelance platform that connects individual freelancers with clients, the platform also attracts companies looking for someone to work with them on a more long-term basis.

Joining Upwork does not involve any rigorous testing of skills. However, due to the sheer amount of applications and existing freelancers on the site, the platform has become much more rigid about letting new talent in.

This is understandable given the economic implications of having a disproportionately high supply for skills that are becoming increasingly common. There is also the risk of bringing down the quality of talent present on the platform.

Make sure that you are offering a unique, in-demand but also rare skillset. Set yourself apart from other applicants who also fall in the same domain as yours. It is also highly recommended that you have some work experience that you can add to your profile.

In summary, each company has different criteria and varying models of work and conducting business. To determine which one is the best fit for you, take an objective look at your technical skillset, work experience, and capacity to work with remote clients and teams.

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