5 Reasons Why You Should Standardized Industrial Bus Cables

Cable buses are the most trustworthy to use in all kinds of environments and situations like these are best to use for mining purposes in high and low temperatures, high UV, humid and polluted environments. You can also utilize these cables for various purposes like power generation, heavy and commercial industry, paper and petrochemical industry. These wires are multifunctional, extended warranty, and you can achieve your desired objective by applying these in your system as these can be used in any atmosphere and situation. These are very reliable and safe to use for multipurpose.


These cable buses are available in a very reasonable amount and their energy efficiency is very high. You can save up to 40% of installation cost by applying these cables for electric wire insulation and the loss of energy is very less as compared to commonly used less efficient ordinary cables. You will be amazed by the safety and energy saving qualities of these cables.

Unique Design

If we talk about the manufacturing of these versatile cables, these are very unique and especially in their design and structure. The shape and architecture of these cables is very user friendly as these can be used for various housing projects due to its flexibility in terms of accommodation because we also provide you flexibility in length.

Feasibility of Installation

Then comes the objective of installation of these cables which is also very lenient in terms of its feasibility and expense. The flexibility of these cables also applies here as no heavy or complex equipment is required for the installation of cable buses. These cables can be easily applied as these are designed exactly according to your project. You just have to put the required cable in the circuit and it will fit to the system without any problem.

No Maintenance

After installation, the milestone of maintenance of the cables comes but you don’t have to worry about maintenance of these cables because there is another surprising quality of these cables that you are free from the responsibility of maintenance of these cables. As these cables can work in every environment and temperature so you don’t need to apply a thermostat and its maintenance.

Standardized Cable Buses

We live in the modern world where we communicate with each other via these wires and these cables are very significant in terms of conductance, transmission of data, power and energy saving ability. Every switch connector or any contact requires the installation of these cables for data flow and it is done through these cables which connects all the components of a system to transmit signals efficiently as compared to conventional cables. The installation of these cables depend upon their specific characteristics like cat5e plenum cables are used to meet the requirement of low flame and low smoke. Following are the different types of standardized cable buses and their advantages.

Foundation Fieldbus

This type of cable is very significantly used in the industry where the automation process is utilized. It is recommended to use two way communication systems digital systems which work at a very high specific speed of 31.25kB/s because of its energy saving capacity. Signal is transmitted efficiently to the system without any dissipation during its travel via these cables as their unique twisted structure makes it appropriate to use.

Device Net

The Allen Bradley device net system is composed of two types of cables, thick and thin cables known as Dropcables. Thick cables are made to structure the backbone of this system to make it strong enough to in terms of power and data while thin cables are used as connectors of these systems to switches or sensors as well as these thin cables also play a similar role like thick cables. The installation strategy depends on the choice of system to which you want to apply these cables.


These cable buses are designed to be used in the automation process and production process. The single pair design of these cables allows them to be efficiently used in the field of cellular networks for communication and the transmission through these cables is efficient up to 12Mbits per second.

Modbus & ASI Bus

These cables serve their purpose very efficiently in intelligent automation systems as these are structured according to the requirement of the system for communication purposes. The modbus cables have a very thick outer covering to provide accurate closure into connectors. These cables are very versatile and dynamic in terms of flexibility as these can also be used as a connector in different cable buses. The qualities of these cables are also determined by the sheathing material and conductors used in these cables.

Echelon LonWorks

Lonworks systems require single pair cables which are also known as Echelon LonWorks as these types of wires are lenient and flexible in terms of installation free Topology to the required system. These single pair cables are also available as screened, two pair and unscreened cables and these cables are famous in public domain to be used in the manufacturing of buildings hence it can be a cheap and more efficient choice of cable to use for wiring.

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