5 Ways Custom Printed Lanyards Could Benefit Your Business

Most of us think of lanyards as pieces of string that people hand around their neck with a name tag attached to it. But lanyards can be much more than that. Lanyards are not only useful but add status and credibility to the wearer and businesses should give a thought about fully utilizing this fact.

Custom printed lanyards and badge holders are one way of getting the word out about your business. They are also efficient tools for establishing and strengthening your brand identity, instilling a sense of pride in your employees, attracting customers, and provide several other benefits.

So, here we have rounded up five such benefits that come with custom printed lanyards and how they can be useful to your business.

Gives a Clean and Professional Look

The first impression always matters and custom lanyards are a great way of providing people the professional first impression that could be so valuable to your business. Customers form a quick opinion about you by your appearance and lanyards help in putting weightage in that perception. Wearing a lanyard helps to provide that clean and professional look that enhances the look of an employee and also helps in building confidence.

Boosts Your Brand

Say you are having a conversation and people notice your lanyard with your company name printed on it. So, your company name gets spread without even vocalizing and that’s a great benefit that lanyards could provide.

Building a brand identity is the focus of almost all businesses and it comprises several factors like the brand logo, communication style, and other visual elements like colors, mascots, etc. Lanyards are a perfect place to add these and thus your company’s branding efforts are sure to get a boost with custom printed lanyards.

Provides Networking Opportunity

Networking is needed to let people know about your business. However, it’s impractical to just walk up to people and start talking about your company. In such cases, customized lanyards can be a great conversation starter. The lanyard will have the name and logo of your company printed on it and thus when you are, for instance at a local networking event, people will easily notice it and you can start off a conversation with ease. Colorful and eye-catchy designs always get noted and you can make the full use of this fact when designing your lanyards.

Provides In-House Security

Security and access play a big role in a business and you might not want your customers and every employee to have access to everything. For instance, you might want only a few employees to have access to storage rooms or data centers.

Lanyards make this process simpler as with them you can keep things safe under a card key. You can have specific keys or barcodes printed on them to let only certain employees access certain places.

Plus maintaining a lanyard policy can be beneficial in other ways too. For instance, if someone is not wearing a lanyard where they should be, your staff can redirect them.

Act as Memorandums

Lanyards, apart from all the benefits mentioned, can have other significant value to the wearer. Custom printed lanyards and badge holders often serve as tokens that an employee values a lot and remembers for a long time to come. They can act as something like a status icon or a badge of honor that they would prefer to store and look up to.

For existing employees, a custom lanyard often serves as a great piece of accessory that they love to hang around their necks, eventually helping in satisfying them which in turn helps a business grow.

With all these wonderful benefits of printed lanyards, it’s hard to see why you would not go for them. On one hand, they are just little pieces of strings but on the other, they can serve your business some great purposes. So, if you are a business owner and want your business name to grow, custom lanyards are an affordable means that you consider for that.

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