7 Best Ways to Display Your Trading Pin Collection

Whether it’s a local Little League or a regional travel club, trading pins are a must at baseball fields across the country. Not just baseball, trading pins are a staple in several other sports and tournaments. And pin traders ultimately have one goal in mind: display their collection.

If you are a pin trader you’ll know that sometimes displaying your pin treasures is as important as the collection itself. Whether canvases or hats or baseball trading pin lanyards, you need to display your pin to be able to trade it.

Here, we have come up with some innovative ideas for displaying your trading pin collection. Check them out for proudly exhibiting your trading pin trove that viewers will just love.


Canvases are the first choice for displaying your trading pin collection for quite a few reasons. They are easy to set up and transfer from one place to another. So, using canvas will ease out the hassle of moving your display from one room to another.

Canvases can also be hung easily using hooks or nails in the walls making it easier to display. Besides that, you can add a touch of personalization by painting or adding your favorite team’s logo on your canvas.


Corkboards are extremely popular with collectors for trading pin display. Like canvases, these too can be moved around easily from one place to another. With corkboards, you can even group your pins into themes, colors, and more. You can even jazz up your boards with trendy frames or cut them into your favorite shapes, all of which add to the look and feel of your pin collection.

Embroidery Hoops

Round, cute, and easily customizable, embroidery hoops are perfect for the display of small pin collection. They come in a range of sizes, so you can use them to display as few as 1-2 pins to as many as 20-30 pins easily. You can use a piece of fabric as per your choice and that fits best for your collection. Just make sure to select a fabric with a looser weave so that the pins going in and out frequently do not damage it.


Hats are the ultimate way of showing pride for your favorite team. But they can also be used for an innovative display of trading pins. With hats, your pins will have a unique background and you can easily display them particularly in sporting events.

You can use old hats for a vintage feel or a team-based hat for a themed collection. Hats add an extra layer of style to your pin collection that you can proudly display.

Foam Fingers

Foam fingers hold pins well and can be used to display your pin collection. They are particularly great for sports-based collection and you can always use both sides to attach your pins. Also, with foam fingers, you can attach a lot of pins in a small area. They are inexpensive and ideal for a sports pin collection.


Lanyards are a fun way of displaying your pin collection. Easy transferability makes it possible to show off your pins no matter where you go. Lanyards can also be customized to your favorite color, or you can also add your team’s logo if you want. They can be hung on hooks, nails, or can be worn to trading events. Though it will not hold many pins, still baseball trading pin lanyards are a colorful and vibrant way of displaying your collection.


You can even consider pillows for your display of pins. A pillow is a great way of showing high-quality or designer pins to spectators and can be transferred easily. Though not many customizing options are available, still they make a great way of displaying your most precious collections.

Trading pins are a staple in all sorts of events and displaying them colorfully and uniquely will only add to the pride that you already have on your collection. We have mentioned some unique ideas for showing off your treasure trove. Add your imagination and you are sure to come up with bright and spectacular ideas of displaying your pin collection in the most unique ways possible.

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