7 Important Tips for Cleaning the Mattress At Home

If you are planning to invest in a mattress, make sure that you find a durable mattress. It is also important to learn the mattress cleaning so that the mattress lasts longs. Mattresses commonly harbor dead skin, dust mites, dirt, and some other things like debris which should be cleaned or vacuumed regularly to ensure that the mattress lasts long. You can also hire Mattress steam cleaning services for the cleaning of the mattress. If you are planning to clean the mattress on your own, we are going to discuss some important tips about it.

Start by Gathering the Supplies

The first step is gathering all the supplies which are required for the process of mattress cleaning. Some important things which are required for the cleaning process include the vacuum cleaner, the dish soap or the enzyme cleaner, and some kind of laundry detergent as well. Clean the mattress using the cold water, you also need baking soda and the cleaning cloths as well for the cleaning process.

Wash the Bedding as Well

When you are cleaning the mattress, it is important to wash the bedding as well, you should remove the pillowcases, sheets, and the cover of the mattress as well and spin them in the washing machine while you are cleaning the mattress. You should wash the bedding in warm water to kill the germs and the dust mites from it. Some kind of pillows are also washable, you should wash them as well during the cleaning process.

Vacuuming Mattress

Professional mattress cleaners usually start by vacuuming the mattress; this would remove all the dirt and dust from the surface of the mattress. You can use the upholstery attachment of the cleaner to remove the dust and dirt from the mattress, make sure that you are paying attention to the breaks and the seams of the crevices, and remove the hidden dust as well from it.

Spot Cleaning is Also Effective

If there are clear spots on the mattress, you should start the spot cleaning process. Don’t apply the cleaning solution or the water directly on the mattress, you should proceed with care and treat the spots which are due to the drinks and the food spillage on the mattress. Steamaid offers mattress steam cleaning in Melbourne highly prefers to use the spot cleaners for treating the stains and then proceed to the cleaning process of the mattress.

If the stains on the mattress are biological then you should use the enzyme cleaner. You can use white cloth, spray the cleaner on it, and then treat the spots. Blotting the area would effectively remove the stains from it. The spot cleaning method is effective for treating stains caused by urine, vomit, sweat, blood or other food or drinks stain. Some homemade solutions are also available which could be made using the mixture of the water and the dish soap.

Use Baking Soda for Cleaning Mattress

The use of baking soda for cleaning the mattress is also common. However, this is recommended when you can’t put the mattress out in the fresh air or the sun, you just need to sprinkle the baking soda over the mattress and leave it for some hours. The baking soda breaks would absorb the odor and the moisture and it also helps in breaking down the acid. The baking soda works effectively if you leave it on the mattress for a longer time.


You need to use the vacuum cleaner again, but make sure that the baking soda effectively cleaned all the areas. Make sure that you repeat the same process of cleaning by flipping the mattress and applying it on the other side of it. Some experts recommend that you should flip the mattress every three months even when you are using it.

Protecting the Mattress

Cleaning the mattress on a yearly or quarterly basis is important but make sure that you are protecting it from germs and dust by regular measures. You can use the mattress protector for the cleaning of the mattress; this would protect the mattress from dirt and spillages.

You should also use the fitted sheets on the cleaning to keep the dust away from your mattress, the cleaning process is simple but if you don’t have time or experience, you should hire professional services for the cleaning works.

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