Bad Effects of Computers on Health

Modern life and work make us use computers often. Many people sit in front of the computer continuously for dozens of hours a day to complete the work without knowing the harmful effects on health caused by sitting for too long in front of the computer screen. Here are the bad effects of computers on health that you need to know.

Visual Acuity Decline

Constantly looking at the computer screen makes the eyes work too much, causing fatigue. In the long-term, it can cause vision loss, making eyes worse, causing myopia… In addition, many people also work at the computer at night, or in low light conditions, it will damage their eyes faster.

Therefore, when working with computers, it is necessary to take time to rest your eyes, by closing your eyes for 5-10 minutes every 1 hour to relax for your eyes to rest. In addition, cleaning solutions and eye drops can be used to help brighten the eyes. Remember to smartly use discount codes, coupons when buying cleaning solutions and eye drops to enjoy many price incentives.

The Lungs are Less Able to Absorb Oxygen

Sitting for a long time at the computer is the least energy-consuming form of exercise, so we tend to breathe shallowly. Because we all sit at computers every day, this tendency will continue for a while, reducing the ability of the lungs to absorb oxygen. When blood oxygen levels are low, the blood supply to the muscles, digestive system, internal organs, and brain are also affected, making the body unable to function optimally.

According to the statistics of the California Scientific Research Institute (USA), sitting at the computer for more than 5 hours a day will reduce spirit, disease resistance, and heart activity by at least 10%.

To remedy this situation, take a deep breath now and then. If possible, you should practice yoga to learn how to best regulate your breathing. Exercise regularly, exercise, and have a reasonable diet and rest.

This Leads to Forgetfulness, Absent-Mmindedness

American psychologist Michael Pietrus said: “There are too many computer stimuli that distract us and make us not productive.” This will lead to forgetfulness, forgetfulness. So to avoid this trouble, you try to specify the target of his work, such as to complete the alarm weekly inventory, then give some guidelines to restrict access to informed news of pesky email, Facebook,…

Ligaments become Weak

Normally, our office hours are 8 hours/day, not to mention overtime, overtime and forced to work overtime like some specific professions. Thus, sitting every day for 8 hours a day with a computer means that only our hands, neck, and fingers are continuously active while the whole body is almost motionless. This greatly affects the ligaments making them weaker, more susceptible to injury, and fatigue faster.

In addition, sitting immobile for a long time also makes the muscles of the whole body aching along with a very high risk of spine spines.

Do simple movements such as turning your back, stretching, stretching your limbs every 10-15 minutes, walking after 1-2 hours sitting in front of the computer to improve blood circulation and limit harmful effects. for joints. Besides, the correct sitting posture is a top requirement, don’t forget.

Causes Serious Beauty Effects

Many practical tests show that, although electromagnetic waves from computers and phones do not affect the human body too much, for people who work too much with computers, there are signs of darkening and wrinkled skin. wrinkly, lack of vitality than other people even when they have supplemented with fresh and healthy food.

The reason is that electromagnetic waves can attack the lymph, affecting the removal of waste from tissues and cells in the body. For a long time, the excretory system of the skin is affected, causing the skin to not be fully supplied with nutrients, becoming green, weak, prone to acne, or have a bad odor.

Can give you Hemorrhoids

Currently, many people are suffering from hemorrhoids, of which the most common are office workers, pregnant women, and people who often have to work hard. Sitting for a long time every day to work at a computer is one of the common causes of hemorrhoids today. According to the results of one study, sitting for too long increases the risk of hemorrhoids by 72.9%, while this figure for regularly active people is only 43%. So, take the initiative to stand up and exercise while working with the computer. You can smartly use discount codes, coupons to buy more supporting equipment to exercise at home or at the office to help yourself stay healthy and reduce the bad effects of sitting too much at the computer.

Can Lead to Infertility

As shared above, although electromagnetic waves from computers and phones do not affect the human body too much, the problem is that sitting for a long time without movement will make the blood supply to the pelvic cavity insufficient. The amount of oxygen in the blood decreases, the life of a person decreases. As for women, due to sitting for a long time, before and during menstruation often have severe abdominal pain, plus lack of exercise, so the process of blood circulation is hindered. Sometimes stagnation of blood will lead to blood vessel blockage, fallopian tubes not open. This is one of the bad habits that can cause infertility.


Above are some of the bad effects of computers on health. Remember to have the health to have everything, work smart to ensure your health. M bees that after this article, you will reasonably use the computer to protect the health of themselves slightly.

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