Blog Writing FAQ’s

We love it when folks write for us! We’re all for budding authors to share their opinions. Can provide you a platform to talk about your own voice.

Our Promise

We’ll present your ideas the ideal platform. We all know you’ve got a lot of opinions to discuss and plenty of ideas that may alter the business. Thus, we guarantee to provide you with a blank canvas to paint on your colours.

Your Own Promise

We adore you alright. However, you have to guarantee some matters to us too! To be certain we can post your thoughts in a non-objectionable manner, we want you to guarantee you won’t defame, insult or criticize any person or company utilizing our platform. This really is a medium for expansion.

All your queries

What do I write about?

Don’t hesitate to have a peek at what all we have been writing about to have an overall idea about what we prefer to print. However, in the Event That You Actually Need a summary of topics, Here Is What we prefer:

IS my submission exclusive to this site?

Obviously! Regrettably, you can’t repost this stuff anywhere else as it might just become redundant on the net. If your subject is purposeful and the content related, then you’ll have the ability to pull all the readers to your post right here.

What’s the word limitation around here?

We’d like no less than 750 words using an overview of 250 chars. Anything less than this is not very informative or elaborate.

Do I want to notify you about my subject for you beforehand?

Yes, we would enjoy that very much.

We’ll edit the initial content if we want any changes.

The article will be deleted at any moment if we discovered any matter with it.


No articles will be submitted with pornographic content, links to pornographic websites, mature content, casino, gaming, online gambling, prohibited activities, offensive content, and violent material.