Common Quality Problems of Lanyards and How to Solve Them

Lanyards are easy to manufacture and customize. They are inexpensive and small and can be used for several and varied purposes like advertising your company name, as a gift item, or even camping.

However, when you want to make proper use of lanyards, you want to make sure that the pieces are perfect, not defective in any way, and can serve the purpose adequately. A bunch of badly made lanyards will only negatively affect your business operations and reputation.

In personalized lanyards wholesale buying, at times, there can be a batch whose products are not matching the quality of the other batches. Though most factories follow a good quality control measure, still you should inspect and find out if your lanyard is perfect in terms of quality or not.

There are a few things to look out for and we will discuss that here.

Common Quality Issues

Once a mistake has been made in manufacturing a lanyard, there’s nothing much you can do except sending them back to the manufacturer. But when you know the problem and the reason for it, you’ll know what you are talking about and can raise the complaint easily.

Here are some quality issues to watch out for.

The Strap

There can be several problems in the strap, the body of the lanyard if the manufacturer is sloppy. For example, if the material chosen is not right for your design or printing method, it will hamper the quality.

There can be problems with the webbing as well. It can be webbed thinly or be incorrectly webbed which will result in a decreased longevity or a poor look. These issues usually crop up when the factories employ bad methods to save costs and earn profit unethically.

Make sure you inquire about the factory of its manufacturing methods and check for reviews from customers.

Prints Coming Off

Sometimes you’ll get lanyards that look brilliant initially, but soon the print starts to flake. This can be extremely bad for your company’s reputation and usually happens when a manufacturer employs wrong printing methods or use poor quality printing materials.

Some printing problems also arise because the manufacturers do not cure lanyards. Curing is a process in which the lanyards are run through a heat press after printing to help make the print stay.

Design Issues

Sometimes, the lanyards look extremely quality but there may be design errors in them. Look out for any design errors that meet the eyes like poor positioning of the design, illegible fonts or typos, ghosting, or staining on the material.

If your logo is not properly placed, the centering will be off and the letters will be poorly spaced making them somewhat less legible.

Poor Color

You want your lanyards to be perfect and have spent hours designing them. Now everything can get ruined if the color you want is not of high quality. Poor color on lanyards can make them look shabby or overused and that can harm your company reputation.

Sometimes some factories do not have the exact color to print and will go for something close to it resulting in poorly colored lanyards. So, always inquire beforehand if the factory you are choosing has that color and can use it for coloring yours.

So, these are a few things that you should inspect or look out for to make sure your lanyards are proper in design and high in quality. The only thing you can do in the case of defective lanyards is to return the order. So, always inquire about everything like the manufacturing process, the way the lanyards will be prepared before placing an order with some manufacturer.

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