Factors to Consider Before Buying Children Electric Cars

Besides offering absolute excitement, ride-on children’s gears will help develop their motor and cognitive skills, which are quite important nowadays. And so, parents are requested to be concerned about the same. Ride-on gears also make children sense growing up as everyone enjoys playing with new objects.

Even if you are an adult now, you can still recall moments you got your initial playing gearsor cycles. And as a parent, it gives you shrill sharing similar experiences with your children. Therefore, several manufacturers can understand such emotions and so unveiled modern children electric cars. However, ahead of gifting your children with such cute and small mini-convertible electric cars, you are expected to consider several important points.

Here are some major points to consider ahead of purchasing your child a modern electric car –

1. Height and Age of Your Kids

There are numerous children electric cars currently available in the market, and each comes with a unique mechanism. And so, it isn’t quite simple choosing the right electronic car. Take into account your child’s age and size will point you in the right direction. Here are some important tips –

  • Never put your child inside manual steering electric cars as it is extremely risky. 
  • Don’t gift your older child with smaller children electric car as it would always depress them. 
  • Make sure your child physically suits your selected electric car. 

Buying age and size appropriate children’s gears are important to enhance exact motor skills among your children. 

2. Kids Electric Car’s Voltage Capacity 

Most children’s electric cars are manufactured with batteries of different voltages. The electric car’s voltage capacities will initiate its speed, power, and weight it can carry. Each voltage is suggested as per a specific age group, such as –

  • 6V ride-on gears are suggested for children aged 2 to 4 years, which offers a maximum speed of 3 mph. 
  • 12V gears are made for kids aged 3 to 6 years, which can power until 2 hours at 5 mph. 
  • 24V electric cards are a perfect match for kids aged 6 to 9 years and can run upto 4 hours at 6 mph. 
  • 36V vehicles are suitable for kids aged 7 to 10 years and can speed up at 15 mph. 
  • 48V electric cars are preferred for children above 10 years and can produce a maximum speed of 18 mph.

These numbers are measured on average child’s weight and age, which might vary as per your child’s exact weight and affect the speed as well.

3. Your Kid’s Safety

Safety is a number one concern among every parent when it comes to choosing electric cars. Before gifting your child an electric car, you should everytime sense risks and so, provide your child with required safety gear always. Major safety gears include –

  • Helmet (Head Protection)
  • Elbow & Knee Pads (Scratch Protection)

4. Safety Standards of Electric Cars

Following safety standards are equally important to give your peace of mind –

  • Make sure your child’s electric car stands stable and isn’t wobbly. 
  • To avoid unexpected accidents, make certain to set its speed at a minimum. 
  • You must ensure your selected electric car’s material should be non-toxic and natural resistance.
  • Battery enclosures should be shielded, you must surely ensure it as a parent, and other parts must be safe as well.

You actually need to plan what activities your child can perform with children’s electric cars as it is quite expensive. If you are choosing one such ride-on gear, make sure to consider the above-mentioned points into consideration and allow your kids to enjoy it. Additionally, if such ride-on gears can assist your children to develop their cognitive skills, your investment will be considered praiseworthy.

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