Gardening in a Condo: 4 Aspects that Can Greatly Benefit First-Timers

Gardening is considered a practice related to large, open areas and sprawling lawns in luxury homes. I am sure that most of my readers are familiar with gardening as a hobby or profession. Many people think positively about gardening but are skeptical about the opportunities to practice this inside their homes. It is a common notion that gardening is just for big, open areas, and dealing with it and a small house or condo is very difficult.

Let me offer you how to start gardening in a small place like a condo, even if you don’t have much space.

When we think of gardening, trees, lushgreen grass, and big flowers/fruits come into our minds. Don’t confuse it with cultivation or farming as it is something completely different. Gardening has nothing to do with a huge garden, as the name may suggest. It is part of horticulture that deals with plants and uses the materials produced for the beautification. It can be done inside a small pot, smaller than the palm of your hand with sizes that are available according to the requirement of a person.

Take a look at four ways in which you can easily start gardening without much effort.

1. Terrace

There are several aspects for which it can be done inside a small house or even a condo. The terrace or the open space in your condo can be useful for gardening as it’s more than enough. Anyone can easily use the terrace or any open space such as a rooftop to have plants or flowerpots. And it is not only the people who are fond of gardening which can start this process. It just takes regular care of a few minutes, and anyone can have a small area dedicated to this practice.

2. Rooftop

Rooftop is an exception as not many people live on the top floor of an apartment building or condos. If you have a rooftop available, you can do amazing stuff as a vast area is available to you, where gardening can be done with lots of experiments. The options, in this case, are virtually endless as right from grass, flowers, plants, and different types of vegetation, you can grow whatever you want to. 

People who are fond of gardening try to live in a condo complex like 10 York Street, where they can live on the top floor with a rooftop at their disposal.

3. Plants in Containers

Container planting for growing plants, vegetables, and fruits is also common. Just like pots, containers can be of different sizes and shapes, but rectangles and round containers are used. You can think about growing different vegetables/fruits that can grow quickly as not many people can take care of a container for six months to see a flower bloom in it!

4. Bonsai

A part of gardening is tree plantation, but of course, you cannot plant a tree in a condo. This is where bonsai can fill the gap. It is an old Japanese practice through which you can grow trees that are not more than 2-3 feet in height. Effectively you grow a dwarf tree,which can whet the appetite of people looking to plant a tree but don’t have enough space to do that.

Final Word

From the description mentioned above, don’t think growing plants and vegetables is very easy. If you think that gardening is not something that suits you, imagine greenery in your TV lounge and terrace that looks soothing to the eyes. But you have to be wary of one thing, not everything will work in Toronto, and you have to take good care of it during the winter months.

Winters can be really harsh in Toronto, and you need to think about gardening only during the six months of summer and spring. After that, you have to think about the type of plants that you can grow inside the rooms with just sunlight; otherwise, plants will die pretty soon.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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