How to Sell your Used iPhone Safely?

We eagerly wait for Apple to release the latest model of iPhone. As the company never disappoints by bringing loads of amazing features and modifications, the only concern remains the old used iPhone that you are left with. What to do about them?

Well, the logical decision is to sell them off for a price and get some extra cash. Instead of keeping them in a drawer why not sell them to an iPhone buyback store. But before you put your iPhone up for trade-in there are a few things to sort it out.

Your iPhone isn’t just a normal device but is a device of great importance. Almost everyone stores and saves personal as well as professional data on the iPhone. If you don’t take the necessary steps before selling away your iPhone then you might end up in trouble.

Here we have listed a few steps to follow before you sell your iPhone in a buyback store or trade-in your iPhone other ways. Continue to read till the end to learn about selling your used iPhone safely.

1. Unpair the iPhone from your Apple Watch (if you have any)

If you have an Apple Watch connected to your old iPhone device then make sure to disconnect it before you put it up for trade-in. Now, when you get your new iPhone, one of the first things that you would want to do is get the new device connected to your Apple Watch.

But that’s not possible unless you have your old device with you and get it disconnected. You cannot unpair your Apple watch if you don’t have access to your old iPhone. Well, technically you can pair your iPhone without access to old iPhone but have to completely erase off all your contents and settings from before.

You have to go through the trouble of customizing everything like before so why not unpair the device. You’ll save a lot of time and effort.

2. Backing up Everything from your iPhone

Now that you have successfully unpaired your iPhone from your Apple Watch, you of course have to back up your Apple Watch content. It only makes sense that the next thing you do is back up old iPhone’s data.

You can either set your iPhone backup in iCloud or in iTunes. Your iTunes backup can be initiated and stored in your PC or your Mac. We recommend that you perform backup of data in both iTunes and iCloud.

For extra precaution, in case either one of your backup ways goes wrong then the other backup will help you to recover your data and save it in your new iPhone. So, go ahead and backup everything that you have in your old used device now.

3. Resetting your iPhone to Default

To put it in simple words, making your old iPhone back to that state when you first got it as a new device. Of course, when you sell your iPhone to a buyback store, the company refurbishes it for reselling to new customers.

New customers expect that the device is in default so that they include their own customization and save data of their own. So, make sure that you reset your iPhone back to default before you put it up for trade-in in the buyback store.

Manually deleting or getting rid of apps and authentications takes a lot of time and effort. And you still miss out on something or the other. Hence, the only logical step for you to take is to reset your iPhone.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your old iPhone ready for trade-in in an iPhone buyback store. Don’t forget to follow the above enumerated steps to make sure you sell away your iPhone safely.

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