Innos TV Offers Ever-Class Gifts and Benefits! Review

Innos TV, a small and medium-sized TV brand, announced that it will host the INOS 2020 Premium new model shopping broadcast on August 3 through’Public TV Home Shopping’, a famous TV shopping channel.

The INOS Premium Series’ lineup, which is presented to consumers through public TV home shopping broadcasts, is the latest product produced in 2020, and is the latest high-performance products of the Innos TV lineup that combine the latest technology and differentiated premium services of Innos TV. In this broadcast, 75-inch / 65-inch / 55-inch TV models of the Innos Premium series will be introduced, and consumers can choose a product they want from among the six broadcast products.

The main model of this home shopping broadcast, Innos S6502KU Premium 65-inch TV, officially supports Netflix 4K / YouTube 4K, so you can conveniently enjoy various 4K video contents. The wireless remote control provided with the TV has a dedicated button for Netflix / YouTube, so you can enjoy various UHD video contents easily by running the Netflix app and YouTube app anytime while watching TV.

Innos S6502KU Premium 65-inch TV is equipped with the latest Netflix V5.1 as standard, providing faster loading and buffering speeds than older Netflix (V4.3) models. In addition, this product includes an Internet browser as well as web surfing, and you can enjoy various contents by accessing online.

The Innos S6502KU Premium 65-inch TV supports online access in various ways. It can be accessed online by connecting a cable directly to the LAN port, and it supports wireless WiFi connection, so it can be used in various ways according to consumer needs. In particular, since it supports a screen mirroring function using wireless WiFi, it can be wirelessly linked with an Android smartphone without a cable connection to move the mobile phone screen to a large 65-inch screen for convenient viewing.

“I am pleased to be able to introduce the latest models of the INOS 2020 Premium series to consumers through public TV home shopping, a famous TV shopping channel,” said Innos TV marketer. It will be a great opportunity for customers who needed a large-sized smart UHD TV because it is provided with an interest-free 10-month installment and free shipping.” Said.

Meanwhile, INNOS TV is supplying a variety of lineups to the market to satisfy the diverse needs of consumers. The entry-level lineup is loved for its excellent cost performance and good quality as 32-inch TV / 40-inch TV / 43-inch TV models are supplied, and the mid-range line-up supplies 50-inch TV / 55-inch TV / 65-inch TV models in terms of sales volume. It occupies the largest portion of the market.

As a large-sized lineup, we supply 75-inch TVs / 86-inch TVs to satisfy the needs of customers who want extra-large UHD TVs. Recently, for customers who want enhanced sound, the first 55-inch smart TV model with a built-in sound bar was launched, and after the TV market, a 15.6-inch portable monitor and a 32-inch multi-PIP monitor were also released to establish a lineup as a display specialized brand. It is expanding further.

※ Enos 2020 Premium new model, public TV home shopping broadcast

  • 1. Enos 2020 Premium series broadcast model
  • Smart TV: S7502KU / S6502KU / S5502KU Premium series
  • 4K UHD TV: E7502UHD / E6502UHD / E5502UHD Premium series
  • 2. Public TV home shopping broadcast time
  • Broadcast Start: August 3,
  • 2020 11:45 pm 3. Enos 2020 Premium series, public TV home shopping broadcast benefits
  • All products TV shelf mount / Magic integrated remote control / Soundbar gift provided
  • Cable line arrangement / Smart TV function Provides premium installation services such as explanations
  • Interest-free 10 months installment and free shipping benefits

Innos TV is a brand that entered the TV home shopping market after completing the home shopping QA, which is a difficult product inspection process based on its excellent quality, and operates a showroom in Seoul / Gwangju / Busan, the only small and medium-sized TV industry that displays all models. Innos TV operates the Innos TV official blog ( for post-management services for customers who purchase its products, and an official shopping mall where you can view all products of the Innos brand (http:/ /

Innos TV provides a 5-year warranty service (1 year free / 4 years paid) and premium insurance service with a service spirit of minimizing consumer inconvenience and confidence in quality

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