Introducing Scandinavian Style into Your Home

With winter, well underway, there’s never been a better time to look at introducing some bright, fresh Scandinavian styles to your interiors. As one of the most up and coming interior design styles today, Nordic interior design is an extremely popular style choice, with so many beautiful features and elements that make it stand out above the rest. Here is a selection of different ways in which you can introduce this fabulous interior style to your home and create a unique look that will enhance your home in these cold, winter months.

Light and Bright

There’s no better way to lift the mood and tone of your home than to create light, bright interiors. When it comes to Nordic style, the key to success is keeping everything light and bright. With a country that has such dark, dull winters, Scandinavians love to keep the bright, happy atmosphere within their home and this helps to keep spirits and moods high too. Painting your walls with a neutral colour scheme help to achieve this feel, with whites, creams and greys as very popular colour choices throughout Scandinavian interiors. You can also introduce keep this light, bright atmosphere going throughout the evening time, by adding some essential lighting features to your interiors that will keep your home warm and inviting all day long.

Introducing Additional Colour

Whilst sticking to a neutral colour palette for your core is key, you can always introduce additional colours through items such as curtains, furniture and other materials. To keep in line with the Nordic style, sticking with pastel colours will help you achieve the right atmosphere and feel within your home. Pastel pinks, blues and greys are perfect for keeping your interiors soft and delicate, whilst still having stylish, bold features that create the perfect Scandinavian look.

Adding Oak

One of the most iconic Nordic features within any Scandinavian interiors is oak furniture. Light oak furniture is ideal for this type of interior design, as the materials are strong and durable, yet the colour is soft and gentle, with a light, fresh finish that enhances the overall theme of the interiors. You can find all kinds of beautiful furniture pieces made from a light oak, which will add character to the room as well as help the whole look draw together perfectly. Similarly, oak flooring is a very popular choice. By adding light oak floorboards to the interiors, you are adding more natural material to the overall look that will enhance the Nordic feel. You can then look at staining or varnishing your floorboards to give a rustic edge that will also protect and enhance the material, enabling it to last for many years to come.

Keep Things Neat

Scandinavian interiors are always neat, tidy and chic, therefore you need to ensure you have plenty of storage and space to store all of your bits and pieces that may cause the room to look cluttered or messy. To achieve the perfect Nordic style, interiors need to be fresh and tidy. Keeping items such as blankets or throws neatly folded on the arm of the sofa, cushions positioned neatly on the seat and curtains draped back with stylish curtain holders is exactly how the interiors need to be to keep that fresh, stylish look with a neat finish.

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