Reasons VGA Price Spiked Up That You Should Know

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array which is also known as a graphics card or graphics adapter. Its function is to process and translate computer output to the monitor screen. One of the activities that require a good VGA brand is when playing games on a PC or laptop. However, this year VGA has experienced an expensive price increase. What is the main cause?

Especially for those of you who have a hobby of playing games on laptops with high specifications, of course you need support from a very capable graphics card even though your computer or laptop is already sophisticated. However, what if the price soars? Of course, you will think again to buy it. Indeed, for now the price of some components for gaming has increased in cost, including this graphics card.

The ups and downs of VGA prices are certainly influenced by several factors that cause the purchase cost to be expensive or cheap. There are many reasons that make sense, but some of them have not been well received by gamers. However, there are at least 4 main reasons or causes for this drastic change in VGA price. what are they? You can listen to the causes of the higher VGA price in the following description.

This is the Main Cause of the Latest VGA Price Rise This Year:

1.    Very Tight Supply

According to several major manufacturers such as NVIDIA and AMD, although these manufacturers have not disclosed for certain or even OEM manufacturers such as ASUS or MSI said that it happened because of “very tight supply”. Yes, this means there are limitations, especially from chipsets manufactured by big manufacturers. As a result, the price soared.

Now it is undeniable that the increasingly expensive and increasing price of VGA is indeed influenced by the stock or availability of the number of VGA which is dwindling and not many. You cannot get VGA at the MSRP price or the retail price suggested by the manufacturer or the price approaching it as the price of this component has experienced a much higher cost increase.

2. The Consequences of Bitcoin Miners

Did you know, besides being used for graphic display devices or tools, VGA is also used for mining activities for bitcoin or virtual currency. To carry out bitcoin mining activities or what is commonly known as cryptocurrency, it requires several components including a CPU and VGA.

Interestingly, usually bitcoin miners don’t only use 1 or 2 tools but dozens of tools at once. Why is that? The reason is because to be able to get good and satisfying results from these bitcoin mining activities. Thus, they will buy as many combat equipment in the form of CPU and VGA as possible.

3. Huge Taxes

To meet market share, traders must also import graphic card products from outside.

Because importing activities are carried out, of course, each distribution activity will be subject to a separate tax fee based on the number of products determined including weight and transportation costs. Of course, this will not cost a small amount, it could be that the tax costs required are large.

Moreover, if the demand for graphics cards is increasing day by day in the country, it means that the process of importing goods will also increase so that it will impact on rising taxes.

4. Unstable Currency Rates

According to the latest news, the dollar exchange rate has recently experienced a significant increase. This is one of the reasons or the cause of the increase in graphics card prices.

The description above is complete information that reviews the main causes or reasons why VGA or graphics cards have significantly increased the latest prices this year that you need to know.

VGA as hardware that is useful for displaying graphics on a computer screen is an important device for a computer for various activities including gaming. Of course, the recent VGA price hike has made some disappointed with this latest news. The description above is a few reasons, what do you think are there other reasons? I hope this information is helpful.

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