Top 3-5 Boutique Hotels in Israel

Boutique hotels in Israel are catered towards middle class tourists who don’t want to spend a lot of money on lodgings. Boutique hotels offer almost the same standard as the luxurious hotel and guests are provided with a comfortable bed in spacious rooms. Tourists can come visiting Israel and stay at one of the boutique hotels by taking cheap Tel Aviv flights from their local airports. The following are the top 5 hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

1. The Rothschild 71

The Rothschild 71 is a Bauhaus style boutique hotel that is completely renovated in the interior. It is situated in a great location where you will find a lot of casual and high end restaurants. The hotel serves Israeli breakfasts at the restaurant located next door. At the back, there is a patio garden where the guests can relax. There are lots big paintings covering the walls in the lobby. You will also find travel guides, newspapers and snacks at the small lobby in the hotel. The staff are very friendly and will help you with anything for example suggesting sightseeing spots and which restaurants to go for dining in Tel Aviv.

2. The Norman

The Norman is a classic boutique style hotel and modern décor in Tel Aviv. The entire hotel has been decorated with attention to details to ensure a high standard. You can visit the loft and the library in the hotel. The beds in the guest rooms are soft, luxurious and comfortable. Several soft pillows and bed sheets made of real linen are provided in every guest room. There is a Japanese restaurant at the penthouse. Another restaurant features a small garden and is situated at the lobby. The staff at The Norman hotel is very polite and ready to help the customers at anytime.

3. Lily & Bloom Boutique Hotel

Lily & Bloom Boutique Hotel is a pleasant, and clean boutique hotel situated in the Neve Tzedek region. The architecture style of the hotel can be dated back to the early days in the 1930s. The room is air conditioned and has a reasonable size. The bed is cozy and offers plenty of soft pillows. It offers a free breakfast buffet that serve freshly cooked dishes like tapas and cava. You also have the option of eating your breakfast at the nearby cafes and restaurants. The staff are friendly and smile all the time while talking to the guests.

4. Dan Boutique Jerusalem

Dan Boutique Jerusalem is one of the best boutique hotels in Jerusalem. Here, you can easily access the shops and cafeteria within walking distance. They offer nice and clean guestrooms. Dan Boutique Jerusalem offers an impressive breakfast buffet with rows of tables filled with a large variety of food selection. Almost any food that you want is offered at the breakfast buffet. Jaffa Gate is situated in a 1 mile distance from the Dan Boutique Jerusalem. The gym at the hotel is suitable for those who want to spend a few minutes in workout.

5. Arthur Hotel Jerusalem

Arthur Hotel Jerusalem is located at a corner street which makes it difficult for tourists to find it. The owner of Arthur Hotel also owns Harmony hotel in Jerusalem. Each room in Arthur Hotel Jerusalem offers its own unique personality. The hotel is decorated with many vintage artworks. The atmosphere at the hotel is calm and quiet so you will be able to relax and have a good rest in your room. The hotel is situated in a strategic location where you can find a lot of restaurants and shops. It is located within proximity to the Old City. It is located next to a train stop and the public transportation can be found at Yaho street.

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