Troubleshooting a Coffee Machine

Most of us look forward to a fresh cup of coffee with our breakfast, which is why many homes have their own coffee machine. Home coffee makers have come a long way and they are normally reliable, but occasionally you fill up the jug, add the filter and coffee, flick the switch and nothing happens.

When that happens here are some steps you can take to try to solve the problem rather than having to go out and buy a coffee.

Check the Power

Sometimes the issue is as simple as a blown fuse or plug socket. In that situation, changing the fuse or plugging the machine into another power supply can easily solve the problem.

If that fails the issue could be more complex, so you will need to look for a firm that offers coffee machine repairs.

Solving Other Issues

In some cases the machine works, but not very well. Here is what you need to do to solve these other common issues.

The Coffee is Not Warm Enough

If you find that the coffee is too cold, try pre-heating your cups. De-scaling your coffee maker can also help with this issue.

Machine Makes Coffee Slowly

Should you notice that it is taking longer to make your coffee the problem may be that limescale is building. This issue is easily solved by de-scaling the machine.

After you de-scale the machine, remember to run fresh water through it several times. Doing so will remove any residue left behind by the process.

No Hot Water

If the water is not heating up properly de-scaling the machine may solve the issue. Should the problem persist after you have de-scaled the machine twice you will need to send it away for repair.


Usually a leak is caused by a component breaking down. Normally the best approach in this situation is to send it away for repair. You should do this as soon as possible continuing to use a leaking coffee machine can be quite dangerous. A small leak of steam can be an indication of a serious issue that can result in scorching hot water suddenly bursting forth from the machine.

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