Understanding the Life of a Fashion Influencer

When it comes to discoveringand understanding the life of a fashion influencer, there comes a massive gap in thoughts and reality. No one can ever understand the depth of a life an influencer lives unless and until he or she shares the same industry space. It’s like stepping yourself in their shoes to actually know their journey from being an IT person to a renowned fashion influencer.

Let us here discuss the complete existence, journey, and significance of a fashion influencer.

Who is a Fashion Influencer?

Fashion influencersis a social media celebrity with a large number of followers. He or she creates inspiring fashion related content that beholds the power to influence the audiences’ opinions while having an impact on their purchase decisions. Brand endorsements, fashion shows, recommendations, and fashion collaborations are the watchwords of his or her life journey. The passion, love, and respect for the world of fashion is what drives his or her existence in the industry in a way to inculcate a sense of style in the huge follower base the influencer has. This, in turn, helps the influencer create a huge bandwagon of like-minded people on the social media space.

Why is a Fashion Influencer Popular?

When it comes to popularity, no doubt that a fashion influencer beholds a strong aura to inspire and nurture the fashion taste of his or her audience. It is believed that the majority of social media active users, mainly Instagram, are home to many versatile fashion influencers creating sales and improving ROI for fashion brands.

Forbes in 2017 listed the top fashion influencers who are relatable, reliable, and replicable. Some of the popular names include Danielle Bernstein, Julia Engel, Chiara Ferragni, Simone Zippi Stardust, JennIm, Susanna Lau, Gabi Gregg, and Nicolette Mason. These influencers in due course have interacted across multiple social media channels through captions, images, videos, catwalks, live sessions, and fashion tales to build trust and credibility amongst their respective followers. These have also proved to be a sustainable alternative to traditional catwalk shows for reputed fashion brands. However, the journey is not that easy. You have to give all your time to the social media channels leaving aside your personal needs and aspirations.

The journey of reputed influencers along with constant addition of new fashion influencers kept on embarking upon the digital platform with innovations and versatilities. Talking about the current scenario, the profession and the industry with massive number of fashion influencers have become saturated. Despite of this saturation that is evident, there appears no end to the journey in the foresight vision.

Engagement Rates of a Fashion Influencer

A fashion influencer is known to have the highest engagement rate when compared to influencers belonging to other industry verticals. Surprisingly, when talking about the price factor, the charges they pull out are the least. Hence, when low price integrates with high engagement, fashion brands desperately looking for fashion influencers has to be evident.

Explore the engagement rates of fashion influencers from across the world:

  • European fashion influencers have an engagement rate of 5.77%
  • Australian fashion influencers exhibits an engagement rate of 4%
  • Fashion influencers from Asia have an engagement rate of 4.9%
  • UK fashion influencers receive an engagement rate of 4.5%
  • US fashion influencers have an engagement rate of 4.5%

Important Tips for a Fashion Influencer

So, like other influencers, if you too aspire to have a smooth and successful journey as a fashion influencer, here are some important tips.

  • The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that nothing happens overnight. You have to make constant efforts to keep increasing your followers and hence your audience on social media channels. Perseverance, persistence, and passion are the pillars holding the success as a fashion influencer.
  • You also have to create your own network of professionals, influencers, brands, and other top names of the industry. Somewhere or the other this sort of network extends the required help to gain traction and boost your growing audience base in a natural and organic way.
  • You should be well-prepared for criticism. As an influencer you will not always get positive feedbacks and reviews from your fan following. You will certainly get a lot of criticism and comments from people. Then, it is up to you how you take the criticism, as an opportunity to grow or a obstacle to bring you down. Never take it personally and never revert personally. You stand as a public figure so make sure what you write and how you write is always to the best mark of the position you behold in the digital world.
  • The next most important part of being an influencer is to keep he engagement ratio high. You should always use methods and tactics to entertain your audience and keep their attention by fueling their fashion interest. Provide them the required information, opinions, reviews, and lookbooks your audience needs.
  • Keep yourself updated with latest trends and styles of the fashion world. When your audience comes to a realization that you are abreast, there are sure to prefer your opinions and recommendations concerning the fashion world.

The Bottom Line

In the life of fashion influencer, the foremost belief is to have ‘Believe Yourself’. Know how influencers reach brands, know their level of engagement, know where they stand in the digital world space, know the essential fashion marketing tips, and of course the tips for fashion influencers, then you are no where to reach except, ‘Success’.

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