What is the effect of sade sati on human life?

What is Sade Sati

Sade Sati is a phase according to Indian astrology where the planet Saturn transits into the 3 houses of the horoscope signs (zodiac signs) in the Kundali (natal chart) of an individual. During this phase the planet Saturn remains stationed in each of the three zodiac houses for a brief period of two and a half which if we calculate sums up to seven and a half years. Thus, the word Sade translates to half and the word sati translates to seven.

The period of Sade Sati is often referred to as a negative phase by the maximum Indian population. Every Indian individual is terrified by the phase of sade sati and none of the people want to ever experience this phase.

What is the effect of sade sati on human life?

The phase of Sade Sati makes an individual see the real world. It fixes the vision of an individual by making him experience hardships and rejections. It is through these tough situations that a person learns the real value of life and makes himself more humble and calm. The phase of sade sati on the other hand can prove beneficial for the people where Saturn enters the correct house in the horoscope and thus offers abundance. Let us take a look at the hardships one faces and the positive side of the period of Sade Sati.

Hardships one undergoes during the phase of Sade Sati

  • Mental Health It will bring to the surface the unfinished important task that you have been ignoring unknowingly or consciously. It will make you put in a lot of effort and think from all possible angles to work-out on the task successfully. It puts you in a state where you think and thinks a lot. This impacts mental health by draining all the energy.
  • Confusion Saturn is a planet that teaches you to be organized, well planned, and focused. During the phase of Sade Sati, an individual gets confused due to the number of instances that crop up in his life. He fails to understand which problem must be tackled on priority and which should be given the least attention. The discomfort created during this phase is immense and some even address it as torment or torture.
  • Patience During the phase of Sade Sati you will be tested in every part of life. For instance, your finances, personal space, professional life, social life, emotional well-being, mental well-being, physical well-being, and spiritual well- being along with your intentions too would be put to test. During this time you will undergo immense stress and feel helpless. But remember, not giving up, striving hard, keeping the faith, and being patient in this situation is the key to come out as a winner.
  • Real Relationships and Temptations During the Sade Sati period a man usually undergoes a lot of pressure and every door seems to be shut and in this period many of them face huge financial losses, downfall in the career, many lose jobs and even bear losses in personal life. This is the time a person tries to seek help from his close ones and people he calls friends and this is when he understands who shares the real bond with him and who is just associated for the sake of it. So in such a situation a person generally feels helpless and in turn, most of the time is drifted to take shortcuts and fall prey to temptations. Remember, choosing such a condition is tough but holding on to your ground and not surrendering to temptations will help you to come out of this phase as a winner.
  • Cheating, lying, Dishonesty During the phase of Sade Sati if you take shortcuts and lie or be dishonest or cheat then Saturn will torment you with severe punishments. Saturn is the God of justice and righteousness. He does not like cheating and shortcuts. The key to surviving this phase is to be truthful, honest, and respectful towards one and all.

Positive lessons for life one learns towards the end and at the end of Sade Sati

  • Offers Mental Peace Sade Sati phase is like a teacher which teaches one to think with a calm mind instead of panicking and becoming restless. It makes one think rationally and tackle situations with wisdom rather than in haste. A person starts looking at things clearer as his perception of everything changes.
  • Offers Wisdom The Sade Sati phase is a time when the God of truth and righteousness and justice, Lord Saturn puts you to various harsh moments so that you learn from them. This is the time an individual truly understands the real faces of humans and also understands him. It is during this phase that a person sees beyond the Maya and understands how this world functions. It also helps an individual to take decisions wisely.
  • Offers Patience The phase off Sade Sati enhances the patience level of an individual. The emotions of quick reaction. This phase also helps an individual to deal with every situation with patience and wisdom. It also helps one to take charge of his wavering mind and helps to control anger.

Thus, the phase of Sadi Sadi is a test to enhance and bring out the higher version of you. It puts you in a bad phase where everything seems lost and doomed but in the end, it is also blessed with great abundance and many boons to the individual who goes through this phase by being truthful and righteous.

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