Why TikTok Should be In Your Social Media Strategy

TikTok has multiplied users and engagement many times over in a short span of time. We discuss why TikTok has to be added to the list of mainstream social media platforms used in a campaign.

Social media has seen a sea change in the past few years.

We have seen an overall increase in the usage of major social media platforms since their inception. Upstarts like Facebook and Twitter. which seemed harmless innovating companies are now mega players. Facebook’s purchase of Whatsapp and Instagram and Twitter’s buying of Periscope are moves that have solidified the status of these big companies for years to come.

In this market, it was hard to see a new player coming in and disrupting the field completely. This is what makes the rise of TikTok more shocking than anything else.

Professionals in digital marketing always say they’re ready for change. However, when change comes in the form of a rising tide like TikTok, even the most grizzled marketers take notice.

TikTok’s rise is unlike the rise of any other social media or tech platform. Even Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, slowly made its presence felt until finally breaking out.

The imperious increase in TikTok’s popularity has made some of the best digital marketing institutes offer specialized modules in TikTok marketing. The social media game was restricted to main players like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Other platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, and LinkedIn were used by more niche companies.

TikTok is about to be another entrant in the main players club. We discuss why you should start putting TikTok in your social media strategy.

Early Bird Benefits

TikTok might be very famous, but it’s still at the nascent stage of its popularity. While brands and companies still mull over creating their presence on TikTok, you should take the lead and start building your presence.

Being an early bird has a lot of benefits. You have the chance to get a headstart on creating your presence on the platform against competitors with deeper pockets. Furthermore, you can also build loyalty in your audience on TikTok to make sure they don’t switch to other brands later.

Interacting With the Next Generation

Most TikTok users belong to the GenZ demographic. These people will soon reach a stage where they become genuine spenders and buyers. Attracting this audience is much more important for the long term growth of a brand than attracting boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y.

TikTok is the perfect place to ensure the future longevity of the brand.

Getting Engagement

More than followers, it is engagement which is the defining metric in modern social media success. A person who can engage a larger audience is much more likely to be more influential than someone with a great audience and no engagement.

One of the great things about TikTok is the level of engagement it manages to generate. The UX of TikTok, along with its content curation system ensures that people engage more and more. This make it an interesting option for brands that are not able to get ideal engagement numbers from mainstream platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article discussed why TikTok should be a part of your social marketing strategy.

About the Author – Naman Malwa is a social media influencer and blogger. He is currently writing guest posts on a weekly basis for DelhiCourses, an institute known for its popular digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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